Google Testing a Search Lite App for Slow Internet Countries

October 11, 2017


  By : Najam gs

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Google is ready to release a lightweight version of search app for low speed internet country. Android Police reports that Google is now testing the search app before final release.  Recently this app was spotted in an ad on Facebook in Indonesia, inviting users to test it out. Google Last year launched YouTube Lite app (YouTube GO) in India, so   this   search app will going to release on India and territories like North America and Europe too.

The search lite App will helps the user in low speed internet country to access search, According to Android Police Search Lite is similar to that of   regular Google Search app, it can perform voice and text searches.

Search Lite has an entirely different landing page compared to regular search app. User can quickly access to options like images, top sites, news, weather, nearby and offline pages. And a personalize button in this menu, will help you to edit the options shown in the menu. Now Google Search Lite has been updated to version 0.2, and it’s brought a tweaked layout with it. To test the app click here for APK file

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