Android ‘O’ not Oreo, But Oatmeal Cookie?

June 18, 2017


  By : Renjithnath

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Google officially announced 8.0 version of Android named ‘O’ in 2017 developer conference. Till date Android ‘O’ lack an official dessert name, this new OS will offer faster, influential, more fluid experiences and improved notifications. Developer world waiting for Google to be official announcement the name of Android ‘O’, which is released on month of August. Now tech world unofficially called as Ore. Before Google’s official announced a report claims to have uncovered the final name of Android 8.0. It isn’t Android Oreo.

Going through Android 8.0’s code, this clue was discovered by Myce, they found code mention a bunch of time oc-dev.

The most likely possibility claim that “OC” stand for Oatmeal Cookie. May be Oatmeal Cookie would be the final name of major mobile OS release. It may not be exciting as Android 8.0 Oreo; however, the rumor getting that awaiting release wouldn’t have a partnership with the maker of the famous cookie.

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