How to tackle Google Fred ?

October 3, 2017


  By : Najam gs

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On March 7th Google has announced their latest algorithm update ‘Fred’. This time Google’s key focus is on the websites that has been publishing low quality contents. 2017 main update target on website that only intention was
to making money from Google AdSense and not for good user experience. This update affected badly around 100 website which was not obeying Google Webmaster guidelines.


Websites Affected Badly with

  • Low quality content: putting similar content over and over again.
  •  Excess of Ads and affiliate links: Overloading with ads or affiliate links within the web site content that leads bad user experience.
  • Large focus on call-to-action overlays: Putting headache creating multiple CTA’s on content sites.

How to tackle ‘Fred’?

Strictly follow basic principles of Google Webmaster guidelines.

  • Create unique and valuable content for user not for search engine robots. Avoid over Keyword stuffing on your content. Include content related media file and images that increases user Engagement.
  • Stop overcrowding your website with Ads. Check the ad ratio to make sure that website is not looking ads overloaded. Ads stuffing mislead users that ads are really site content. Try to place ads on the sidebar, at the end of post and footer. Don’t embed too much affiliate links.
  • Check quality of backlink. Completely avoid paid links and link with bad domain rating and URL rating. Make sure for spammy, unnatural backlinks and create disavow list and upload.
  • Totally avoid user to make a forcefully complete a call to action. Use simple CTA which will help to decide the user wants to make an action on the page.


Keep in mind: Stay away from automated tools and Bots.

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