Google is ready to release a lightweight version of search app for low speed internet country. Android Police reports that Google is now testing the search app before final release.  Recently this app was spotted in an ad on Facebook in Indonesia, inviting users to test it out. Google Last year launched YouTube Lite app (YouTube GO) in India, so   this   search app will going to release on India and territories like North America and Europe too.

The search lite App will helps the user in low speed internet country to access search, According to Android Police Search Lite is similar to that of   regular Google Search app, it can perform voice and text searches.

Search Lite has an entirely different landing page compared to regular search app. User can quickly access to options like images, top sites, news, weather, nearby and offline pages. And a personalize button in this menu, will help you to edit the options shown in the menu. Now Google Search Lite has been updated to version 0.2, and it’s brought a tweaked layout with it. To test the app click here for APK file

iOS 11 Developer Features

July 20, 2017


  By : Asish Sathyaseelan

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iOS 11, latest version of iOS is introduced on Worldwide Developers Conference 2017. iOS 11 brings slight design changes to interface elements throughout the operating system. Now it is available to download.

iOS 11 features announced

  • App dock multitasking menu will replace Apple’s tablet into true laptop. Dock offers a quick way to switch between apps
  • Introduction of Drag and Drop will instantly launches apps into split-screen mode
  • Easy way to connect apple Entertainments (news. music)
  • Siri is getting a more natural-sounding voice, user can pick between female and male voice options.
  • Native Camera support for QR codes to allow deep links in your app
  • Vision to support face, object, depth and other advanced image detection
  • Core ML to integrate machine learning models into your app
  • External graphics processing enables ARKit for making virtual objects in the real world
  • Apple Files app sort through entire files, search and organize them all in one place.
  • Apple Pay include person-to-person payment features
  • Apple Maps include Lane assist and speed limits, for safe driving in all ways.
  • Apple created deep integrations with GitHub

Worldwide Developers Conference introduce most inspiring features for developers is Core ML


What is Core ML ?

Core ML is a new framework that can integrate trained machine learning models into your app. With the support of Core ML, developers can integrate already prepared statistical and machine learning models into apps. Domain-specific frameworks and functionality are Core ML foundation which works in complete machine learning development using model to predict with new input data.

Core ML supports

  • Vision for image analysis,
  • Foundation for natural language processing
  • GameplayKit for evaluating learned decision trees.
  • Vector machines, and generalized linear models
  • Core ML builds on top of Accelerate and BNNS

Now we can convert a model which was created and trained using a supported third-party machine learning tool with the help of Core ML Tools, is a Python package (coremltools) for creating, examining, and testing models (Model is the most import product from machine learning algorithm and data.) in the .mlmodel formatCore, coremltools introduces a public file format (.mlmodel) for a broad set of ML methods including deep neural networks. Models in this format can be directly integrated into apps through Xcode.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop has arrived in iOS 11! Learn the fundamentals behind the new iOS Drag and Drop — architecture and APIs. This session will go over the design goals, architecture and key components of the API to allow you to quickly adopt Drag and Drop in your App.
Discover new APIs for UICollectionView and UITableView designed to make drag and drop easy to implement in your apps. Learn how to quickly adopt drag and drop in collection and table views, create polished animations, and adopt new features to keep your app fluid and responsive during asynchronous data transfers.

File management

The new Files app in iOS 11 is a system-wide feature; it allows cloud document management apps to register as file providers and display their cloud-based contents inside of the app along with iCloud Drive files.In addition, apps that work with files can display a new system controller that will let users pick a file from a modal file browser. The new class is called UIDocumentBrowserViewController, and it will give your app and its users access to their files from the Files app without ever leaving the app. One caveat: Because the Files app lets multiple apps access any file, you’ll need to coordinate file access using NSFileCoordinator or use UIDocument for automatic management.


One of the big surprises at WWDC ’17 was that Apple is entering the augmented reality (AR) game in a huge way with the introduction of ARKit. This new framework lets developers create AR experiences in their apps more easily since the framework can handle accurately tracking the real-world objects in frame, helping apps with the placement of virtual objects for more visual realism.
ARKit can also automatically detect horizontal planes like tables and floors, and can estimate the lighting and provide values to apps in order to help lighting virtual objects for a more realistic look.

Metal 2

A few years back, Apple announced Metal, a completely new graphics framework that gave iOS developers the ability to directly access the full potential of the GPU on modern iOS and tvOS devices.
Metal 2 has been updated to take advantage of newer iOS devices to provide GPU-accelerated machine learning, and new developer tools that helps debug, optimize, and deploy Metal 2 apps. In addition, Metal 2 is used throughout iOS and macOS now to provide smoother animations in UIKit-based apps out of the box.


Since Apple Music was unveiled at WWDC ’15, it has become a hit, with more than 27 million users worldwide. The online streaming music service has been unlocked and become available to all developers with MusicKit.
This new framework available in iOS 11 lets developers access and download data from Apple’s servers about songs and music available through the service, as well as play users’ Apple Music songs, playlists, and special content through their own apps. In addition, MusicKit provides a way for developers to present a join screen if a user isn’t already a member of Apple Music; developers can even enter their Apple Music affiliate program code to earn commissions on each membership purchased in their apps.

Ratings controller

Apple announced that starting with iOS 11, developers will no longer be able to ask users for ratings in their apps unless they are using the built-in ratings controller. The controller is a part of the iOS SDK called the SKStoreReviewController, and it’s available in the StoreKit library starting in iOS 10.3 SDK.


SiriKit was added in iOS 9, but it had limited intents, allowing only a select few developers the ability to take advantage of this integration with their apps. In the new version of SiriKit, Apple has added more intents and changes to existing intents to include more domains. For example, the payment intent now includes paying bills. There’s also a new lists, notes, and QR codes intent.

About the iOS 11 SDK

Password AutoFill automatically shows usernames and passwords in Keyboard auto complete for apps that have it set up.
CoreML is a new framework to aid machine learning and computer vision implementations on iOS.
Apple has two new media formats: HEIF for images and HEVC for video, and starting in iOS 11, developers can take advantage of the space-saving and higher-fidelity features of these formats.
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